The way I see it is, I already gave them this information, whats the use of now saying no you can't have it again.

So I'll file again, why subject myself to possible liabilities.

I just went through something similar with the oregon PUC and our clec status. And I alsmost lost my status because of a mistake on their part, Another situation where they claimed we hadn't filed, even though we did.

 I don't want to have to deal with the FCC because of a missing form.

I am not saying to anyone else tyhat they should or shouldn't, thats your business not mine.

David E. Smith wrote:
Tom DeReggi wrote:

Yeah, I think I'll wait to see the results of how the legal battle turns out before I file.

The current form is due on March 1st, and the odds of the case being tied up before then are asymptotically close to zero.

Besides, you're probably required to file either way.

David Smith

George Rogato

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