Why should ANY employer provide health care?

You work, they give you money, end of story....

Travis Johnson wrote:

My health insurance company that I pay thousands of dollars per year is who foots the bill when my family goes to the ER... not the tax payers. I think that was his point.

Walmart is the largest private employer, yet a VERY small percentage of their workers have any benefits. So the concern is as Walmart continues to grow, so does the burden on the tax payers.


wispa wrote:

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 05:38:55 +0000, John J. Thomas wrote
I read an article once about this. What happens when Walmart can't drop prices any lower?

Then their prices don't drop.  What's  confusing about that?

Who foots the bill when Walmart employees get
sick and go to the Emergency room?

Who foots the bill when you or your children, or my children, or the guy across the street, or ANYONE goes to ER? That question is as irrelevant as it gets.

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