There is nothing wrong with an omni if the users are all around it.
You get better signals with a sector but a microcell is the perfect
place for an omni.  The fact that your current sites can see each
other is awesome and you are part way to achieving a Mesh.


On 2/4/07, George Rogato <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Mac Dearman wrote:
> But George :-) answer my question:
> Are you running G mode on towers with multiple broadcasts? Like a tower with
> 3 120* sectors?

My Original main tower is 3 sectors of B, too many B clients to swap an
AP over and find out at that busy noisy site. Would be the ultimate
answer to your question though. I'm slowly moving the clients of to G to
do just this.

All the other locations are small pops that have either 1 or 2 G ap's
and are either fed with A or in some cases G. I have some pops that are
cm9 G and 200mw B as ap's and no problem.

I do however have many many G omni's that can see/hear each other and
work fine.

I am not using any cloaking, just straight 20MHz wifi channels.

I also understand the concern and opinions of using omni's ;P


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