When we used bridged CPEs, we installed TrendNet, Linksys, or Netgear routers. All of them have held up for about 4 years now. Several failures on the Netgears, which were the majority, but we also bought them in bulk and as refurbs. That's what is cheapest and appears to work well. We now install CPEs that are also routers, so at most the clients need a desktop AP or switch in their home/office.


Ross Cornett wrote:
Hey guys, I hope some of you can enlighten me on what is the best line of 
router out there for home and small business.  We have used linksys and netgear 
and their broadband routers have not held up very well.   Anyone have any ideas 
as to what they are using and what works best?  I am tired of replacing these 
things and explaining to the customer their lack of quality.  Your feedback is 
very welcome.

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