Are you serious? You honestly expect a company to honor a warranty for a lifetime, especially on a $30 item? How do you expect them to stay in business?


KyWiFi LLC wrote:
We use the Belkin F5D7230-4 wireless router exclusively and I'm
proud to report that both us and our subscribers have been VERY
pleased with them. We do, however, see a failure rate with them of
around 8% - 10% BUT, they have been good about replacing them
in a timely manner and have always honored their lifetime warranty.
We buy them for $30 - $40 and retail them for $100. Here's a link:

I'm on a mission right now to align our company with manufacturers,
vendors, etc. who offer and honor a lifetime warranty. If someone is
only willing to stand behind their product for a year or two, you should
question that, I know I do.

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Nothing. We have to deal with low quality in a commodity world.

However another way to approach it might be, who has the best RMA policy. Linksys's RMA policy is non-existent, and a provider needs to be prepared to eat any failures. That comment is based on, the many hoops linksys makes you go through before allowing a return, which cost way more to do than the cost to buy a new router. This is the BIG reason, that we have converted 50% of all new installs to NON-Linksys routers. Linksys makes my favorite, Home Router OS, but I can;t stomach giving all my money to those that don't honor their warrantees. Belkin on the other hand has been fabulaous. No questions asked, jsut send it back, and get a new one in a few days. Belkin also has a nice Default portal page you can see before logining in to see private info. Belkin comes with a bundled Content Control trial. Belkon can opperate as an AP (Bridge) or Nat Router, and I think also WDS. The only reason we don't use Belkin for all our installs is that Linksys is what our local distributor carries, and because Belkin had some PPPOE bugs, which prevented it from Auto-reconnecting after a disconnect, unless you reboot it. So we still use Linksys for PPPOE clients. However that PPOE bug was identified over a year ago, maybe its been fixed by now?

The Belkin has a higher price tag unfortuneately, but it is a "N" router, and I prefer to support the vendors that honor their warrantees.

Tom DeReggi
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Hey guys, I hope some of you can enlighten me on what is the best line of router out there for home and small business. We have used linksys and netgear and their broadband routers have not held up very well. Anyone have any ideas as to what they are using and what works best? I am tired of replacing these things and explaining to the customer their lack of quality. Your feedback is very welcome.

Ross Cornett
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