On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 23:46:13 -0500, Rick Smith wrote
> I think I'm going to be the first to say this, but
> I don't have time to give a crap about calea.  I'm 
> taking advantage of an industry organization to do
> something on my behalf, because I can't have the 
> time to give a crap later when the FCC comes knocking
> after finding out I DIDN'T file...

I predict that somewhere around 80% of small ISP's won't file.  Many won't 
even know they have to.  

Just think, EVERY block size network.   If you build out for your 
neighborhood and have 10 neighbors... YOU have to fork out the big bucks, YOU 
are now dead.  You just don't know it yet, because you have no idea on earth 
that the federal govenrment has just taken wholesale control of the ISP 

> Now, I run Mikrotik everywhere, and I've seen comments
> about packet monitoring "being OK" for compliance, and
> I'll STILL not do anything until I'm provided with a 
> subpoena, but I figure having the paperwork THERE is
> probably a necessary evil.

You can bet that any "industry" standard derived will derived with the input 
from the telecoms to bankrupt as many small ISP's as possible.  

I predict that in 2 years there will not be enough WISP's left to fund WISPA 
at all, unless the dues  go up on the order 20 to 50 times. 

> This, in my opinion, is just big brother licensed
> extortion for the little guys.  Paying a TPP for
> snooping on your customers is just crap.  But, what
> are you going to do ?

You're going to pay and then you're going to go out of business.  

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