No. I am saying anyone with an internet account, credit card and shipping address could purchase 5.4ghz equipment TODAY and deploy it TODAY. Granted its not FCC certified and not technically legal right now... but, it could be done.


John Scrivner wrote:
Are saying you are using 5.4 GHz radios in the US?

Travis Johnson wrote:


You make good points... however, the better question is how much money did Z-Tel take out of the business during this time? I would bet the owners and investors made BIG money during this time... so, so what if they are out of business now? If they made millions during that time, then it worked out for them.

Same for DSL. I know there are companies that are going or gone now, but that made millions in profits during the past 5 years.

Yes, DoD may have a little more push with the FCC, but, who's to say someone can't buy 5.4ghz right now today and put it up? Any user with internet access could order and install a 5.4ghz AP tomorrow.... for less than $300...


Peter R. wrote:

Many of you probably don't follow the FCC much, so let me tell you about the stroke of a pen:

UNE-P which was the magic bullet for CLECs. No facilities needed. Rock bottom pricing on voice lines. Market and sell. Z-Tel and a few others had over 500k lines. Unfortunately, they didn't listen when they were told it would be a stop gap to facilities. In other words, sell UNE-P regionally and convert to facilities. No one listened. Bang! UNE-P ruled no more. One year to move to facilities. Z-Tel just filed BK, following many others that area shadow of their UNE-P selves.

Another example: DSL. One day it is tariffed. Bang! No tariff. Go nego with the ILEC.

So please heed the warning about 5.4. It won't take much prodding from DoD to wipe oout your business model.

This is NOT a threat, folks. This is how telecom regulations works in the US.

So skip the forms - 445 and 477. Keep using the unlincesed gear. Next year you can all be pirates. That's okay, because you can celebrate *Gasparilla* Pirate Fest in Tampa after that.

Plus you say all this stuff on a PUBLIC, archived email list. DUH!


Peter @ RAD-INFO, Inc.

Patrick Leary wrote:

"Sticker conscious?" So this is what we've become as an industry?
Following the very clear laws, which were once again just reiterated to
us after another in a long chain of WISP visits, or not has now been
reduced to simply being "sticker conscious" or "not sticker conscious"?
Why not go further and call yourself "Illegal and proud" or just "I
don't give a ____"? Let's not have any more "gee, I can't afford to be
legal!" That's not an argument that is credible today, with the range
from legal cheap to premium CPE running from about $170 to sub-$300 --
that's cheap.
My God, 5.4 is going to be a massive mess. OET will have to install a
special phone line just to handle the incoming DoD complaint calls.

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