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Are there any known problems with over-polling an AP with SNMP?
We do not use polling. In our view it is less efficient than our implementation.

Are the SMs SNMP capable, or only the data from a SM through the AP?
Yes, if set to be one of the management consoles.

These 2 questions and answers don't match. ;-) Patrick's answers are not related to the question. I'd be interested to know the answer to the second question (for VL).

Where are the SMs authentication information (MAC, etc.) stored at? AP level? If an AP fails, what is involved with replacing that AP and restoring the SMs? Are there any backup utilities to assist?

MAC table. If an AU fails and the "best AU" setting is enabled the CPEs will automatically re-associate to the next best AU. All CPE and AUs have a shadow flash and different firmware can be stored on each flash, this is invaluable if for some reason an upgrade fails in process. We are the only ones with shadow flash (that I know of). AUs can also be deployed stand alone or as part of a chassis system with blades. In the chassis configuration supports redundant power and you can swap IDUs should an IDU fail.

Again here...the question was related to subscriber (cpe) authentication. What authentication methods exist for VL? Do they use a local database? Does VL support RADIUS auth for the CPE?

Do the SM and AP have a log that we can see information about interfaces and traffic?

There's a question I do not know the answer to, but I can find out. Obviously not like a packet shaper though.

The question was about historical traffic information (not shaping). I'm not certain the question really makes much sense, but it sounds like he is asking about something similar to a graph of interface traffic and other stats (dropped packets, retrans, etc.).

Whew, that took a while. But it was a good exercise for me anyway. I'm happy to say I could answer most without looking at the manual. Not bad for a non-tech.

No kidding! It was a good read (thanks, Marlon for posting). There are a couple of questions that I had, as a follow up to the original question/answer post.

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