Hah - perhaps WISPA could offer its members a blacklist service. Ops could
check the blacklist right before the credit check. That guy has to move
somewhere, and the local operators should be warned!

On 5/23/07, Mark Nash <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Have to vent on this one, although I'm taking it a little off topic.

Guy calls me up saying that another wireless company couldn't connect him
and he actually bad-mouthed that company to me on the sales call because
that company couldn't get to him for a week.  He wants me to waive my $199
installation fee because the other company did.  I say no, but we have a
'30-day satisfaction policy' that will give him his money back if he
like the service.  So we install service within a couple days and get him
and running.  Well he calls up after 4 days of service and my tech talks
with him.  He has moved and doesn't want our service.  No big deal...it
happens... EXCEPT...

The dude knew about it about a half hour BEFORE my installer got there to
the wireless installation (as he told my tech).  And he said 'Mark said
I could get my money back'.  Well, I'm not going to give him his money
due to the way he treated the resources of my business.  He knew that he
not going to take our service and expected something for nothing.  He did
not disconnect due to dissatisfaction, and as far as I'm concerned he's
going to have to learn a lesson here on basic human treatment.

In 6 years, I've never had anything like this.  Blech....

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC
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