I know this has come up from time to time but I need to ask again.

Here's what I'm looking for.

Cheapish. I have 20 plus sites out there so I need to watch the budget on this. I don't want too cheap though, more inexpensive than cheap.

I need the ability to force all traffic to an uplink port. In other words I don't want any traffic from ap 1 to get to ap2 without first going through the router. But, I need the ability to plug my laptop into a port that can still get to all other ports.

I also want to be able to block all broadcast traffic and non ip traffic if I can.

5 port and 8 port versions would do the trick.

They have to be good quality and not blow with every lightning storm that comes along.

What would you guys use? And don't say ebay, I don't know enough about what I'm doing with them yet, I want the ability to call the factory for tech support.

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