While progress in satellite communications can be measured in 5 year
increments - to design, fund, and launch them... technological
progress DOES come, and has. Spot beams are now a standard feature on
all new satellites, and it's beginning to make a big difference. Watch
to see what happens with WildBlue over the next year as they bring
their built-for-purpose satellite online, as opposed to using "one
big, continent-spanning transponder" technology.



On 9/10/07, Allen Marsalis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I clearly see your point as an old FHSS guy.  hehehe
> LOL, between you and me, I would never have waxed so philosophically
> over this idea had it not been for the muni-wifi movement with its
> limited non-overlapping channels. Multiple radio systems got me
> interested in meshing a while back.  I guess I'm not the only one,
> but my market is definitely not city wifi like Strix.
> Gotcha, many thanks for responding to me Steve.  I think there is
> something to be learned under every new stone, and even some old
> stones long forgotten my most...  I barely remember Metricom and
> "packet radio".
> Hmmm I just saw a HughesNet commercial.  The one with the pretty lady
> in a green dress.  I assume GEO satellite service still stinks to
> high heaven??  I nearly forgot about those guys...  I once knew Avi
> Freedman when he was into some satellite stuff and learned enough not
> to be too scared of the sat guys who have their own unique set of
> expensive problems.....
> Allen


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