It isn't just towers either. I had a problem with my Dish from Dishnetwork 4 weeks ago. The guy who came out came prepared with bee-spray. Since I'd noticed them up there before, I asked about it. He said the dish had about 300 wasps that he killed by the time he was done with it, and he'd already been stung 3 times before he got to my house that day. He said it's like an epidemic...just about everywhere he goes (upstate NY), the antennas are stuffed with bees of some sort.


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I've seen that here too.  No idea what the cause is.

In situations like that we just get up really early in the morn and work before it warms up.

I HATE those danged things. Never had them around here till the last several years. I'd never even seen one as a kid.

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Does anyone know what causes the swarming behavior in wasps around towers. I dont mean a few of them hanging out having a smoke and sharpening their stingers. I mean the big swarms of hundreds. We were at 4 different locations yesterday. All of them were unclimbable due to swarms of wasps. No nests on the structures either.


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