Travis Johnson wrote:

This is very true... we install a small UPS along with the switch to help with power issues... but with 70+ customers on the ring right now, we have not seen any issues. If a single customer goes down, the ring is still fully functional for everyone else. At that point, we contact that customer to find out the problem and get it resolved as quickly as possible. The only time we have had more than 1 customer down at a time is when a major power outage happens that lasts more than an hour.

Since you are using GBICs have you considered using CWDM along with passive ADMs instead? Passive ADMs don't require any power and could be used at each customer location to drop a single channel of light that you plug into the GBIC. This way if a single customer's equipment goes down the rest of the ring stays up. With CWDM you only have 8 channels of light giving you a max of 8 gigs shared across your ring, but that is probably fine considering you only have 2 gigs with your current setup.


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