Not to burst a bubble but the special "type certification" that is part 
of part-15 was created for unlicensed solutions.  Most license holders 
are responsible for the equipment that is in use. Thus the equipment is 
only certified to meet special regs of the band, unlike unlicensed where 
the majority of the responsibility is on the manufacture. 

Anthony Will
Broadband Corp.

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:
> Exactly, with that attitude from the FCC then all of my network is 100% FCC
> certified because all the radio's have an FCC number on them, I would just
> have to put that number on the outside of the rootenna.
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>> Since the device is already certified, it can be installed into a 
>> final basestation without further approval, as long as the FCCID 
>> label is attached on the outside of the final product.  However, if 
>> your company wishes to obtain it's own FCC number for the final 
>> product, then you must apply for an original FCCID.
> WOW!  I wonder if this type of flexibility carries over to 2.4 and 
> 5gig.  I know this has been a REALLY contentious question, but if 
> that's the response in 3.65, I have to question the reality of FCC 
> views in other bands that are NOT licensed.

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