> Using StarOS, we have tested them with 3.5GHz antennas.  They got what we
> would expect them to get with respect to SNR, with a slight loss due to the
> 3.5GHz antennas.
> Two issues...
> 1.  We purchased some of the original XR3's, but then they came out with the
> new version XR3 - 3.7 which had different center frequencies so they would
> not associate with the original XR3 that we had at the AP.
> 2.  We have had 3 of the XR3 - 3.7 radios that have either lost a
> significant amount of signal from the AP, or stopped associating altogether.
> On the StarOS forums, there was some talk of this be attirbuted to non
> grounding thet antennas.  But as it stands, I think we had 3 bad radios,
> then the 3 that we originally bought that are useless now due to the center
> frequency issue.  At $260 per radio, that's alot of $$ in useless radios.

What kind of throughput are you getting?


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