I don't know why Tranzeo has had so many problems with their 2.4ghz 
CPEs, but there is a pretty well defined history of issues with them. 

However, I have a couple of their 5ghz APs and about ten of their 900mhz 
APs, and they have never had any problems.   One of my 5ghz APs has 90+ 
subs on it.   No problems whatsoever.   Only caveat is that it is a 5amp 
unit and I have not upgraded the firmware past 2.0.19 because that led 
to some kind of drop in signal strength. 

My suspicion is that the lockup problem has some relevance to network 
design - an inability to handle certain types of traffic patterns that 
are produced by bridged networks.   My pet theory is that the wifi gear 
that doesn't handle bridging well weeds out the people who don't know 
how to design networks correctly (i.e. with routing).   Then the weak 
ones either struggle or install Canopy.  ;^)

Matt Larsen

Marlon K. Schafer wrote:
> Deep sigh.
> I've about had it with companies that sell crap.  I can understand the need 
> to ship product that hasn't been tested in every possible scenario.  But 
> when you do that issue a fix TODAY, not next week, or more often, never.
> Tranzeo has had lock up issues with the TR6000 and TR6600 for at least a 
> year now!  I know they work for some people, but for others they don't. 
> Just because it doesn't happen to everyone doesn't mean it's not a problem.
> The CPE units work great for me.  They rarely lock up, don't fail (less than 
> 3% I think over 3 or so years) etc.  The weather sealing system could be 
> much easier to deal with, especially up in the air with cold fingers, but 
> I've never had one leak.
> Oh yeah, they had that idiotic problem between them and MT.  Why that took a 
> public flogging and how many months???? to figure out I'll never understand. 
> You two should have taken the time to pick up the damned phone, called each 
> other and worked out a solution to the problem.  Today!!!!!!  Why did WE 
> have to figure out what was wrong?
> I now have 5 or 6 Tranzeo AP's in place.  They don't all create a problem, 
> but how am I supposed to guess which one will screw up next and where it'll 
> do that?  I have one that requires daily, sometimes more often, rebooting 
> right now.  I can power cycle it and it'll pass traffic but it won't ever 
> allow me to log into it.  When it locks up you can see it (both wirelessly 
> and ethernet) but you can't log into it.  It's like the data flow gets 
> stuck.
> Is it THAT hard to send a device of some kind out to see if there is a 
> traceable issue?  How hard would it be to develop a special firmware that 
> will gather data and send it back to the factory?  SOMETHING causes these 
> units to lock up.  Heck, send out an engineer, I'll even feed him.  But fix 
> the problem!!!
> As it stands today, I'll NEVER buy another Tranzeo AP.  Ever.  It won't 
> matter to me what fancy new toy they create because I don't trust them to 
> fix any issues that might show up in a timely manor.
> If they are on to bigger and better things (3650), then say so and stop 
> selling the crap radios.  It's much better to have frustrated customers than 
> pissed off ones.
> And then there is Alvarion.  I have a site at a radio station right now.  No 
> it's not built right, no shielded cable, nothing is grounded right etc. 
> I'll grant that.  I have 4 devices up there that are acting up.  2 Alvarion, 
> one MT and one digital logger.  They will misnegotiate ethernet speeds. 
> Drop packets, work or not work.  No rhyme or reason.  Here's the kicker, the 
> site has been there for over 6 years now.  It's been there EXACTLY like it 
> is for months.  Suddenly the alvarion gear quits working due to ethernet 
> problems.  (The MT started later after changes were made and the Digital 
> Logger was installed after the problem started.)  Know what REALLY sucks? 
> Inscape Data, StarOS, Airaya, Trango and (of all things) smartBridges gear 
> just kept on ticking.  A known POS ap from smartBridges is working better 
> than a $2500 unit from Alvarion.  And the Trango is still working, that's 
> what I pulled out to put in the Alvarion!
> Yes I know part of this is probably my fault on this one.  But I'd still 
> expect the cheap gear to fail long before the top of the line stuff!  I 
> didn't want any failures!  That's why I put in the Alvarion.  (more about 
> what's happening at this site in another email.)
> Now I know stuff happens.  But what REALLY pissed me off about Alvarion 
> lately is the tech support.  I needed help with a device (still can't get a 
> firmware upgrade done) and I had to set up an account, contact my sales 
> company and then THEY had to send me back to Alvarion.  What the heck is 
> THIS?????  If you sell me a product, support it!  I can see a need to tell 
> folks to hire outside helps to fix a problem that just doesn't make sense. 
> But if I call and need help they should at least try!  Especially when 
> things aren't working right.
> The list of companies that forgot that they were supposed to take care of us 
> is quite long indeed.  Teletronics, BreezeCOM, Lucent, smartBridges and 
> now????  I've always thought it was better to have frustrated customers vs. 
> pissed off ones.  What's the difference?  Constant firmware versions are 
> frustrating.  Locking up hardware is frustrating.  No fix for a locking up 
> device will piss a guy right off!
> Maybe a public flogging will get some of these companies off their behinds. 
> Lets hear some horror stories from other.  I want to know what companies 
> that I should never use because they suck.
> laters,
> marlon
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