Thanks Mike,

The change to 10 meg half doesn't help.  In fact, most devices won't connect 
at all then.

The worst part is that the most expensive gear is most effected by this!  ug

I have installed ferrite beads that do indeed help.  Apryl can get you the 
contact info and part number.  509.982.2181

The shielded cable from Shierene just came in.  And I have permission to 
move to the other side of the building.  When the snow melts and the ground 
firms up I'll rebuild the entire site.  The radio station has a new 
transmitter since I first went into the site and another tenant recently 
left.  I have more location options now than I did before.

Yesterday I did some testing with a Fluke DTX.  It's a crazy meter.  Checks 
just about everything.  As it well should for $7000.  Know what it doesn't 
check very well though?  Inductive RF.  grrrrr  There is one test that 
showed some problems though.  It's called an inductive pulse.  Readings at 
another tower I have (and the tech support guy at Fluke) were 0.  This tower 
had a reading of nearly 3000!!!!!  Fluke is supposed to find out what an 
acceptable level would be and send that info to me.  I've not heard from 
them yet though.  The tech's guess was around 30mV.

I did think it strange that when I tested my cable with a volt meter (one 
end to ground, the other to the connectors on the cat5) I was picking up 2 
to 3 volts on each pin.  That pretty well seems to line up with the 3000mV 
reading from the fluke!

This site has always been a source of grief for me.  Must less reliable than 
nearly any other I have, no matter what equipment is used.  I always thought 
it was due to all of the other operators in the area (one's been fined by 
the FCC for using illegal amps etc.) doing silly things.  Though nothing 
THAT bad has ever showed up on my analyzer.  I always thought it was 
something that only the customer end could see (couldn't find that on the 
analyzer either though).  Maybe my problem has always been the radio station 
stuff.  Wouldn't that be great?  FINALLY, a network reliable enough to allow 
me to take a vacation.  grin


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Hi Marlon,

It looks like you are on your way to solving this.  To get by until then you
might want to try locking the Ethernet side to 10MB 1/2 duplex.  FM radio
runs around 100mhz at high power levels, well so does a 100MB Ethernet
connection, it communicates at 10mhz.  10MB 1/2 runs at 66mhz I believe.
Fixing it is really black magic however.  Sometimes grounding helps,
sometimes it is better without.  Many have placed the cable in conduit, with
mixed success.  I would be very interested if the ferits help, we have tried
a few with inconclusive results, but have not found a quality unit to test
with either.


Mike Cowan
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Subject: [isp-wireless] FM radio station site strangeness

Hi All,

I think we finally have this all figured out.  Now I just have to figure out

how to fix it.

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