Today i have been pondering the idea to provide a wireless alternative
to FTTH...
At least a short range  (up to 1 mile) 100 - 500 mbps wireless PTMP
system to the home to provide triple play services.
With todays current products, I ll say it cant be done... but is there
an alterenative?
Couple of ideas came in to my mind ...
Rebirth of LMDS?  AFAIK LMDS has not had great success on the states,
spectrum was bidded, some gear was tested... no big networks were built
...but all this was almost 10 years ago, with today technology could a
cost effective platform be developed to provide GIgabit PTMP on LMDS?
MIMO Radio + 256qam + big spectrum means big bandwidth
PTMP 24 ghz?  Could a PTMP UL 24 ghz be developed?  upconvert and bond
multiple 802.11n based links with a polling mac?
Anyone would like to add something?

Gino A. Villarini 
Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp. 
tel  787.273.4143   fax   787.273.4145 


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