Looking to deploy a small mesh network downtown in a small city just for kicks. 
 Low budget ($4k for ~10 nodes) - just want to get my feet wet and have some 

I'd charge for the service if it was easy enough to do and it worked good 
enough to justify a cost, otherwise free.  Was hoping there is was a turn-key 
solution (PLEASE don't suggest Mikrotik - I could ask for a recommendation on 
how to remove chest hair and someone will mention MT).  Anyhow, turn-key like 
Meraki advertises would be cool.  How about the Pico2HP - is there a firmware 
that works on those that could mesh?  Very new to mesh - thanks in advance.


PS- Please don't hijack the thread defending how great MT is and how it can 
save the world etc.. not bashing, just want plug+play which != MT.  (:

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