Some simple rules to move things in your direction...

1.  limit the size of loans or grants - nothing over, say, 300K.   No multi 
million dollar "get some guy real rich" schemes.
2.  Limit the areas allowed to be "paid for", in other words, only so many 
dollars per square mile.
3.  Require local presence in area covered.   Nobody from Odessa getting 
money for Pendleton...
4.  Allow dollars to be used for customer end, not just infrastructure or a 
truck or something.

I disagree with 'no startups' as there's a lot of area that simply has to be 
a venture of its own.

No "community access" or "community centers".   Those things are absurd. 
Like, does Odessa really need an internet cafe?   What about Lind?

that's just off the top of my head.

Have fun.  new customers waiting...

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> OK, I've been putting some thought into this bailout mess we find 
> ourselves
> in.
> The agencies have almost no time to design a program, take applications,
> distribute money and audit the results.
> I'll be surprised if they aren't forced to accept a basic outline of a 
> plan
> drawn on a Denny's napkin.
> What will the easiest and safest way to go as a government employee?  Just
> shoot most of the money out to the people that you already know.  Even
> though you've already sent 6 billion out the door to that same group (BTW,
> we should use that number as a big reason why they should radically change
> their models).  No one will get in trouble for sticking with what's known,
> and there's not nearly enough time to study the issue, accept public input
> etc. etc. etc.
> I don't know if we'll ever get the chance to give our input to the 
> agencies
> involved.  (I know WISPA and many of us individually will sure be working 
> on
> that though!!!)  But if we do, what should we push for?  The more of us 
> push
> in the same direction the more we'll be able to move the agencies out of
> their historic ruts.
> Some of the things that I think would help a company like mine deal with 
> the
> grants.  Heck, even want the grants.  (The last time I even considered one
> was in 2001, too many strings.)
>    No strings attached.  Accept the plan laid out, look at the goals of 
> the
> plan and approve or disapprove based on that.  (We need more and better
> broadband out here, but we do NOT need computer centers!)
>    Allow basic plans.  There isn't time for us to figure this out down to
> the last nut and bolt either.  I have a plan to build new towers in many
> locations.  Some will be near existing buildings that are used for towers
> now, others will have to be in totally new locations.  It'll take time to
> buy/lease ground.  I might have to move my locations by great distances.
>    Allow labor to be paid.  If I can grow/update my network I'll need to
> hire some help.  I won't be able to do enough new installs or upgrades to
> get it all done quickly.
>    Fund small businesses at 100%.  If I had the ability to get more money
> (for matching funds) I'd have already used it to deploy more coverage to
> more users.
>    Allow funding to purchase the tools needed to expand.  If I get another
> installation crew running I'll need a rig for them.  They'll need some
> training etc.
>    Allow the specifics of a deployment to change if need be.  As long as
> the original goal is still being met.
>    Money will need to be sent out in advance.  Lets say that a company 
> gets
> a $1m grant.  They need $100k to $200k in the bank at all times.  This 
> will
> allow is to get cash with order deals, adjust for changing opportunities
> etc.  We'll also be able to move MUCH more quickly than we otherwise 
> would.
>    Tie grant funds to the 477.  If a company can prove that it's already
> been in the broadband industry and has already been serving customers they
> should be empowered to do more of what they already do.  They'd have the
> greatest chance of success over the long haul.
>    Do NOT fund startups.  The Muni Wireless industry's pitiful results
> should demonstrate that most of the "big thinkers" just don't get the
> market.  Let those that are already successful expand on what they are
> already able to accomplish.
>    Make sure that most of the money goes to small business.  The goal here
> is to create jobs.  90%+ of America's economy revolves around small
> business.  Many more jobs will be created and the money used more
> efficiently (as seen in the historical record) by small businesses.
>    Fund operations for x (3 to 5?) years.  We can build the networks 
> today,
> but we can't create users today.  It will take time to sign them up.  It
> will take time for them to maximize their new efficiencies with the new
> technologies (or upgraded technologies) that we'll install.
> What does the borg think?  How do we get in front of the agencies as they
> create their programs?  What do we ask for?  How do we justify it?
> After talking to Steve Coran on Friday he thinks that we won't know 
> about what we'll be able to do for a week or two yet.  Then who knows how
> long (or even if) we'll have to give our input and what input are they 
> going
> to be willing to accept?
> Personally I am far more stressed out by sitting here doing nothing than I
> am with the idea that I'll waste some time building a position that will
> have to be modified or tossed completely out.  I see more potential upside
> to have many of our wants, needs, and desires fleshed out ahead of time 
> than
> I do in potential downside.  I don't have a lot of time available, but I 
> do
> have little snippets here and there.  I don't have a problem doing some
> foundation work while I wait for my family to wake up on a Sat. morn.
> laters,
> marlon
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