The world is really full of losers.....

After 6 weeks of BS and a down payment check of $500 I once again have 
another happy list member backing out of the purchase of the 200 Mb 
Dragonwave link that I have. Nothing like wasting my time. The reason 
given is that he doesn't feel that  the link will perform at 1 mile EVEN 
WITH 4' FREAKIN' DISHES!!!!  There is nothing worse than someone who 
can't just say something like "I can't afford it" or something real like 
that.  No...the excuse is a 23 Ghz. FD link won't work over 1 mile in 
the southwest "RELIABLY".    AUGH!!!!

And get this.....He wants his deposit back! I have to laugh....

I will not identify who the person or entity is as they are on this 
list.  I will let him defend himself if he wishes too.  (BTW:  I have 
ALL the e-mails so I can support my side so please don't try to come up 
with another story dude...)

OK....Now.   Here is the last chance if someone wants it.

Dragonwave 200 Mb Airpair all outdoor link, 23 Ghz.  FDX with your 
choice of 2' (new) or 4' used antennas. The link was in service for a 
little over 1 year.  has a fiber interface and power supplies for each 
side.  I will guarantee it will work as advertised.  I will also give 
anyone that is sincerely interested the serial numbers and you can call 
Dragonwave and see for yourself that this link never had a problem.

The first $7K gets it.  You pay shipping. No discount for radios only.  
if you want just the equipment less antennas...Still $7K

Its a good deal if you have money.  I am not financing this so please 
don't ask.

Sorry for the rant.

Offlist  ( or my cell 516-551-1131 anytime


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