Jason Hensley wrote:
> For me, personally in our area, 3650 is attractive because of the lack of
> noise.  We are saturated with 2.4 and 5GHz here, but if I was in an area
> with low noise levels in 2.4 and 5Ghz, then I would not see a point in
> spending the extra money to deploy 3650 gear.  I personally don't care that
> much about WiMax itself, as I tend to agree that a lot of it is marketing
> hype.  We have a city-wide (NOT Muni) 802.11 hotspot system that generates a
> fair amount of revenue for us with roaming users connecting with their
> laptops.  3650 won't do that because I doubt we will be seeing laptops with
> built-in 3650 cards anytime soon (though I could be wrong).

This is why I specifically mentioned a fixed base use case, and hanging 
an 802.11 access point off the CPE. :) Also Intel has a Wimax card now.

What is the cost difference between the 802.11 gear and Wimax gear?

> You can easily pull 10-20meg through 5.8 gear in low noise, good LOS
> environments.  

Southern California doesn't have a lot of those environments. :)

We're doing 10meg in an area that is saturated with 5.8. I'm
> looking at 3650 SOLELY because of our noise floor.  If it wasn't for the
> noise, I'd keep plugging along hanging Deliberant 2.4 and 5Ghz CPE's all
> over the place.  

Interesting. I'll investigate that vendor.

> Ideally, what I'm moving toward is putting 3650 gear in place for my large
> backhauls (tower to tower) and for my high-end customers that require higher
> availability and are willing to pay a premium price (i.e. businesses that
> want to go all VoIP over a 20meg Internet connection),

Right. Wireless local loop. Charge a few hundred per month and provide 
dedicated band width.

  while maintaining my
> current networks with their 5Ghz and 2.4 AP locations, although much of the
> 5Ghz backhaul would be replaced with 3650 gear.     

Makes sense. What vendors are you considering? What vendors are giving 
you horrors?

> Anyway, this is just me.  I'm sure a lot of folks have different views and
> different opinions though, and maybe there is a purpose and need for Wimax
> itself, but for me, I have yet to see what the big deal is.  

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