I figure the RB1000 is faster, its "made" for routing.
But I'm sure the atom platform could hold its ground.
I'd mainly like to see bandwidth tests.

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In our bench testing, the RB1000 actually performs very well. You can't
just compare CPU's (as I'm sure you know). The RB1000 was designed from
the ground up to move packets. The Atom CPU was designed as an
inexpensive computer system.

I think I have a dual-core 1.6ghz Atom board and CPU (Intel brand of
both) and an RB1000. I can run some performance tests... what do you
want to see?


Butch Evans wrote:

On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 13:10 -0600, Travis Johnson wrote:    

Probably about the equivalent of the RB1000 (but only  with 2 FE ports).    

About the equivalent of the rb1000?  You gotta be kidding!  RB1000 is
1.3GHz SINGLE CORE cpu.  That one is 1.6GHz Dual-core.  It'll be a LOT
more different than just the 2XFE (vs 4XGig).


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