They do not show registered at the site that feeds them so no, something 
is causing them is dissociate.

Thanks for the input,

On 3/31/2010 1:50 PM, Scott Reed wrote:
> Do the radios  show link connection before you reboot?  If so, have you
> tried to MAC telnet into them?
> I have a couple that would show down but I could MAC telnet into them.
> All of the onboard functions worked.  Then I tried to ping something
> else and got a buffer overflow error.  Reboot would fix for some period
> of time.  At least with mine I did not have to go to the site.
> Forbes Mercy wrote:
>> We have been plagued with an ongoing issue in our Mikrotik backhauls.
>> It happens about once a month and only on three radios that feed each
>> other, all other sites work fine.  Site A is my head end, it is a
>> Mikrotik 433 with an XR5 chip that feeds about five miles to another
>> site to Site B.  Site B has the same equipment that goes through a
>> managed switch then passes on to Site C about 7 miles further.
>> What happens is we are suddenly paged that all three are down.
>> Sometimes Site A stays up, most times not, we can get into Site A since
>> it's the head end and we reboot it, it comes right back up.  Site B and
>> C stay down, we have to drive to Site B and reboot it, it comes back up
>> but Site C stays down.  We have a remote reboot for it from a redundant
>> feed so after rebooting it C reconnects to B and they are all up.  This
>> will happen three or four more times in a single day or not at all again
>> for a month, it's totally unpredictable. The boards are up but not
>> communicating, it also takes down the other 2.4 Mikortik AP's at Site B
>> and that has to be rebooted.  We normally run arp -d to clear up any
>> residual, it sure appears to be traffic related and we are on a bridged
>> not routed network.
>> The only similarities is it's only this feed, it usually happens in
>> spurts of a day or two then stops for a long time, it always happens
>> during the working day leading me to believe it's coming from a day
>> user.  We run Wireshark but see nothing, we torch the towers and they
>> don't show much unusual.  We're thinking it might be a deluge of traffic
>> between Site B and C and are thinking of putting a PC at the C tower to
>> run diagnostics there.  This is very manpower heavy as we have to send
>> people two places and average down time is one hour to do this.  We are
>> going to turn our network into a routed network this Summer but that
>> doesn't help now.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
>> Forbes
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