On 6/7/17 11:23, Mark Radabaugh wrote:
> What are you proposing replace unlicensed spectrum with?
> CBRS?   I don’t think you are going to like the results.   Straight up 
> licensed auctions?   Do you really have the money to compete with the big 4 
> in that?
> I’m not sure what WISPA is supposed to do for you here.   You don’t like Part 
> 15, you don’t like NN.
> What exactly is it you want that is obtainable given the value of the 
> spectrum?   Handing it over for exclusive use of fixed wireless, and only for 
> you is a non-starter.
> WISPA is trying to help you but it’s pretty hard when you don’t want 
> unlicensed, lightly licensed, and licensed spectrum sells for billions for 
> tiny slices.

Keep the 6GHz part 101 licensed as is. No changes. There are a lot of 
6GHz links where I am, it's hardly legacy or unused. Other WISPs have 
already said they use 6GHz. I mentioned that I recently spoke with a 
WISP about a long link that would be a good fit for a new 6GHz (if there 
are available channels of course).

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