For 6Ghz it would likely be a coordinated system similar to the SAS system 
planned for CBRS but without the ESC portion.  The coordination from the SAS 
would protect existing users and links.  I would expect to see a professional 
installer requirement similar to CBRS rules.   Part 101 is a small part of the 
potentially available spectrum between 5900 and 7200.   There are plenty of 
other users that would need to be protected as well.  Whatever happens here 
isn't going to be true unlicensed spectrum.

My question earlier was more general than just the 6Ghz space.   There are 
other frequency bands can be looked at for PTMP that can make use of a SAS type 
of system to allow multiple uses of currently underutilized spectrum, but they 
all have some form of incumbent.  The TV Whitespace rules are largely useless 
because the NAB tried so hard to protect its turf that the rules make it very 
difficult to use for PTMP.    I don't believe we should be shutting down 
anything that can get us more PTMP space but should instead be supporting 
proposals that protect what we have while finding additional ways to reach 

Mark Radabaugh
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> On Jun 7, 2017, at 3:17 PM, Seth Mattinen <> wrote:
>> On 6/7/17 11:44, David Jones wrote:
>> If its to be part 15 how will the 6ghz be protected? don't we now have 
>> problems in the DFS from people who don't know or don't care?
> I still want to able to coordinate new part 101 6GHz links. That band 
> should not be removed from the box of tools WISPs have for licensed links.
> ~Seth
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