On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Pascal Quantin <pascal.quan...@gmail.com>

> As indicated by Alexis, Anders and Graham, CMake should already have
> created a target.
> Fox example on my Linux machine, in the build tree, I can go to
> epan\dissectors\asn1\h248 folder and I have a Makefile that, when executed,
> will run the asn2wrs command and update the file in the source tree.
I'm not sure I got it. Are you talking about autotools or cmake? If you say
Makefile I guess you're referring to the former, while I was to the latter.
In cmake, if I change the -template file and re-run the compilation,
nothing gets rebuilt. I have to manually run asn2wrs (as per Darien's
suggestion) and then I get the c file regenerated. I'm working on Linux, in
case it matters.
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