On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 03:09:28PM +0000, Maynard, Christopher wrote:
> Is there a problem with the environment perhaps?

This should have been taken care of by the test setup.

> I was unsuccessful attempting this with a recent 2.6.0 build on a RHEL7 
> system as I was unable to get past this error once WIRESHARK_DATA_DIR was set:
> ERROR:privileges.c:153:started_with_special_privs: assertion failed: 
> (init_process_policies_called)
> … which I find odd because tshark was running from the build directory as a 
> normal user, and anyway, tshark is only reading a file, not capturing, so why 
> should it care about special privileges anyway?

This is unrelated to the original issue, but it appears that something
is testing whether you are allowed to use that environment variable, but
it happens before "init_process_policies" is called.

> I'm playing with the test suite (make test-programs && make test). I
> hit a test that doesn't pass on ubuntu 14.04, but passes on 16.04. The
> test is test_80211_wpa_tdls

The test requires Libgcrypt 1.6, I'll send a patch.
Kind regards,
Peter Wu
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