After poking around a little more I've found something in the logs
that might be related. There are a lot of messages about:
"WIN64DUALFOLDERS: Substitution in 'C:\Program Files
(x86)\InstallDir\File.exe' folder had been blocked by the 1 mask
argument (the folder pair's iSwapAttrib member = 0)."

Some google searches have indicated that some other people have
complained in the past about it changing their install location
between "Program Files (x86)" and "Program Files", which is exactly
what I want it to be doing in my case, but in all those examples
iSwapAttrib was set to 1. And aside from those occasional complaints
I've so far found nothing at all about what WIN64DUALFOLDERS and
iSwapAttrib are or how to set the value of the later. Anyone have any
clues of what I'm doing wrong in Wix to get that value screwed up?

Thanks again!

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