On Oct 24, 2007 7:59 AM, Bob Arnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Geoff Finger wrote:
> > Instead what I found was a post claiming "I don't think you want to
> > reference ProgramFiles64Folder either. Use ProgramFilesFolder and
> > Windows Installer will put things in the correct directory based upon
> > the Component's Win64 setting."
> >
> That's not how it works. A 64-bit package can write to both folders (as
> appropriate given the bitness of its components) but it's not automatic
> so you need both directory hierarchies.

How do you avoid getting the "error LGHT0109 : Duplicate symbol
'Directory:INSTALLDIR' found." errors in that case? I can change
INSTALLDIR to INSTALLDIR2 or something similar, but then the file
structure in Program Files (x86) won't match that in Program Files if
the user changes the install directory, right? Do I need to make some
kind of custom action to copy the value of INSTALLDIR to INSTALLDIR2
after the directory selection page?

Thanks! (And sorry about the slow response, I got sidetracked onto
another project for awhile.)

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