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ds10...@cam.ac.uk wrote:
> I think I began to understand what is going on.
> If I want WPKG to remove old version of Acrobat reader first. I put the
> remove command as before the install command?

Yes, exactly. But remember that for most applications this is not necessary
because the installers are "intelligent" and will perform an upgrade if they
find an outdated version. So in most cases just running the same command as for
installation works for upgrades too.

But feel free to execute as many (remove-) commands before executing the
installation process.
One more hint: You might have to specify <exit code='x' /> nodes for your remove
commands which are likely to fail. For example if you add a command to remove
Adobe reader 5.0 (msiexec /x {ID} /qn) it might exit with a specific exit code
that it was unable to execute the command (in case reader 5.0 was not 

You might also use a batch-script to batch-uninstall all previous versions. For
example add a command to execute "uninstall-previous-versions.cmd" and add all
commands to this script like...

@echo off
:: removing Reader 5.0
msiexec /x {xxxxx} /qn
:: removing Reader 6.0
msiexec /x {yyyyy} /qn
exit /b 0

One example of a "bad" installer is the "old" Java installer. It left all
versions on the system and you had to manually remove old versions in case you
want to get rid of the binaries on the HDD.

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