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ds10...@cam.ac.uk wrote:
> Where {xxxx} is a long idea code, where can I get the id code from I've
> checked registry.

If you still have a machine where this "old" version is installed you can grab
the uninstall code from its uninstall entry within the registry:

For example on my system I found it here:

It needs some explanations I guess...
The Wow6432Node sub-key is only there if you use a 64-bit system. On such
systems all 32-bit HKLM\SOFTWARE\* entries are re-located to that sub-key. So on
your 32-bit system it will be here:


The best way to find it is to go to the enclosing "Uninstall" key and then
search for a string as it appears within the control-panel. You should end up
finding the "DisplayName" entry within the corresponding key.

    I have just added my package definition for Adobe AIR to the silent 
installers category.

Searching the registry takes long in some cases, so I use the following batch 
script to extract the uninstall information to a text file, which is faster to 
search and easier to copy information into a package.

rem --- code start (watch for line wraps)
@echo off
set machine_name=\\%COMPUTERNAME%\
set /p remote_name="Enter host name (default is local host): "
if not %remote_name%X == X set machine_name=\\%remote_name%\
set script_name=%~dpn0
echo Reading Installation Information ...
reg query 
"%machine_name%HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" /s 
reg query 
 >nul 2>&1
if %ERRORLEVEL% GTR 0 goto :quit
echo Reading WOW64 Installation Information ...
reg query 
 /s >>"%script_name%_%machine_name:\=%.txt"
rem --- code end


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