Hope Stewart wrote:
> There was a thread earlier this year that discussed how images that
> are presentational and not part of the content should be placed as
> background images through the css and not coded into the html with
> the <img>. This makes a lot of sense.
> With all sites I've worked on, I'd say that the company logo falls
> into this presentational category. But I wasn't aware of this concept
> for my first few sites, so I have some sites where the company logo
> is part of the html and others where it is part of the css.
> It is now interesting to compare the two methods and I would argue
> that, from a marketing point of view, a company logo should not be a
> background image. This is why:

I believe you forgot to mention one thing:
Most users expect the logo to be linked to the home page, so in this case it
belongs to the (X)HTML markup

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