Hi Josh

Thanks very much for your reply.

I should have mentioned that we will also be listing the entire
references in the footer as well.

I was just looking for a way to give the user immediate feedback about
each reference, and thought the title may be useful.

The problem with linking back and forth is that there are *so* many
references on each page, sometimes two or three to each quote, so it
gets a bit messy.

Any other thoughts welcome.

Sarah :)

> I honestly don't think this is the best solution for you, especially
> if you're doing academic papers. For two reasons:
> 1) because it's impossible to get titles to "display" in a normal
> browser without JavaScript, and;
> 2) if someone prints out your page they don't get any citations at
> all. Well, you CAN make it do that, but that either requires CSS IE
> doesn't support, or more JavaScript.
> IMO, the best way is to link to the footer and have a link back to an
> anchor from the footer, so:
> Some text I'm going to footnote<a href="#fn1"
> id="fnbase1"><sup>1</sup></a> and then keep writing for a while.
> [...]
> <ol>
>  <li id="fn1">Citation goes here. <a href="#fnbase1">&uarr;</a></li>
> </ol>
> You could maybe hyperlink the entire citation, but that might cause
> problems if your citation is of a website.
> The obvious advantage of this is that it prints and requires no 
> Javascript.
> hth,
> Josh
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