I dont know, not sure how to do that but I will look it up.
I cant scale the bg to fit because its a one piece fixed size bg

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Could you use the _javascript_ getComputedStyle() function on an interval loop
to test for Text-size and if the Text size was too great then the Menu's
class could be changed to one with overflow:scroll.
(Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wdf-dom/message/3820)
Also if you define you DL height in EM (or not at all) then when the
text-size is increased, the background will scale to fit.


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Subject: [WSG] menu suggestions and problems

look at my menu

which is fine until you increase the browsers text size to large then
thereare some problems such as overflowing and such and if you use overflow
it adds scrollbars even when it's technically not overflowing.

Anyone have any good suggestions for this?



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