Web Man Walking wrote:
IE5.2/Mac: Slow as hell (over a  minute). Definitely not  a connection
issue as all other browsers are fine. Something is causing IE5.2 to struggle when
rendering your code. Suggest they're using IE5.2/Mac to test unfortunately.

Thanks Jon.  I thought I was going nuts.  I have had a shot of the site on
clients Mac and it is IE he is using.  It does take over a minute to render
the code on each page!

I didn't have slow loading on the pages. IE was just as fast as Safari and Firefox. What I didn't get on the opening page was the logo and link, just the dolls.

Safari and FF worked fine.

I checked it with Opera on XP and the dolls became a vertical list down the right hand side. Which would indicate something in the CSS, as it's an unordered list, but it's late on a Friday night here in NZ and I've been out to dinner, so sorry, I can't be more precise.

IE5.2/Mac: not present

Any ideas why these don't display?  I don't have a Mac here?!?!?  Code
validates and seems OK to me?  Am I just missing something obvious?

They did for me, unless the same things are missing for FF and Safari

Try validating the CSS as well as the code. I ran the front page through W3C and it validated both, but I got errors in CSS on the subsequent pages.

What are you using as an editor? I noticed a meta I haven't seen before:
"<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="true" />

Does that indicate FrontPage or something MS-based?

Point out to your client that IE5.2 is so flakey it might as well be in sanskrit and that and smart people using Macs will be using Safari or Firefox ;-)

Cheers and HTH

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