Title: Dragon Way (Site Check)


Hi Ed,

I don’t have a Mac so couldn’t look at the site. I did want to offer a comment, though, about point #1 (non-centered text).


I viewed it on a variety of browsers on PC. Technically, I guess, the client is correct: the text isn’t centerd. The entire image is centered in the window. Since the logo on the left is a drawing, the actual text – Dragon Way – is visually off to the right. And because of the color difference between logo and text, the text part seems (to me) to be heavier and draws my eye more, so it isn’t ‘centered.’


I’d check that out with the client before pulling much hair out over it :-) Of course, if he means it’s appearing flush left or right, that would be another issue. But as someone else already said, you’d know that.


I won’t comment further on the rest of the site since you already said it’s working great in the FF and IE; it is here, too. (And in Op and NS). Generally, I like the site. It’s well built and has a nice fresh feel to it.



Bil Scheider


I have developed a site for a client and all seems fine, compliant, etc. works ace in IE and FF.  I don’t have a MAC and client is complaining of:

1. Homepage - Text under dolls is not centred
2. Homepage - No logo showing
3. Rest of site - Top bar missing
4. Rest of site - dolls (same as 1.)
5. Slow

Can anyone help, take a quick look for me?  This is my first post after lurking for a while :-)


Any other comments would be ace.

Thank you.


Ed Henderson

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