csslist wrote:
Gunlaug Sørtun wrote:
"So now one has to scroll both the window and the inner element in order
to get to the content. Cute."
Ok smart ass, thats 1 page that has a vertical scroller because I havent resized the flash >form on that 1 FRICKIN page, so there is a scroll bar, geezo

Personal insults are not necessary. Gunlaug is correct. At 800x600 you have to scroll vertically and horizontally to even see the whole of your main content div. This is an EXACT 800x600 px screenshot without taking in to account other native elements that will be below / to the site of the browser window: http://gr0w.com/test/img/800x600.jpg (115.84 KB). Even if, as you state, the site is designed to fit within 800x600 screen resolution, it won't.

Not only that but every empty href you have will be a dead link with javascript turned off. That's potentially about 10% of your audience. There are simple ways to have them degrade gracefully.

Some people are taking the time to make suggestions. Granted you asked about a specific issue however, if you don't like what they have to say feel free to ignore it rather than acting like a child and spitting your dummy out at the list. Nothing that anyone has said so far would stop your client getting more business. In fact, it would do the opposite by making the site better. Perhaps part of all of our jobs is doing what we're asked by clients, but perhaps part of it is advising our clients when what they want is a hindrance to their business. In any event, by reacting so ungraciously to input, I doubt it will encourage further assistance with your problem.

Jon Tan

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