On 12/3/05, Lori Cole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Lachlan,
> I was a science major in college and went into biotech which is dominated by
> men.  Your advice to me as a newcomer to just stick with HTML4 rather than
> to try to learn the right way to use XHTML right off the bat reminded me of
> the experiences I have had in science that I believe have been sexist.  Lots
> of grown men behave like middle school boys that don't want to share their
> toys with the girls.  Maybe you are wondering why I am not making quilts
> with the girls instead of trying to construct a web page?
> I think I will start attending a local user group rather than using this
> list as I think people behave differently face to face and maybe some women
> will be there.  Thanks for those of you that have commented constructively
> about IE and tidy.  I took an HTML II online course with HWG and they do not
> even mention text editors exist and would have saved me a lot of time.

Lori, don't give up on us so fast. I can assure you that Lachlan's
comments were not meant to be sexist, and I think the discussion that
ensued has been helpful for us all. Even if someone on this list does
say something you don't like, don't let it discourage you, because
there are still a couple thousand other people that can be useful in
answering your questions. And yes, there are women here.

As far as editors go, I still use Notepad and Wordpad... maybe I
should look into something new too.

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