Svip wrote:
On 18/01/06, KJ Callender <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I want to include a file to be included into about 10 htm pages, and to
save time me updating them individually, i want to use a include file.

Using standards, which is the best way to achieve this:

1.   <!--#include virtual="/included.htm" -->

It could be done as following in PHP:

<?php include('included.html');?>

Which would not include your "comment" mark, and I do not know either
if your way is a standard, as I have never heard of it. Besides, I
hate frames, and thus would not suggest your way.

They're called server side includes and they work on Apache. They've got nothing to do with frames. I don't believe they're in any official standard, Apache is the only server I know of that implements them like that (though, I don't know much at all about other servers).

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