At 12:22 PM 2/9/2006, Al Sparber wrote:
Getting away from the FAQ thing to links within documents, I find that sort of navigation almost as annoying as popup windows. It might very well be a convention, but I do consider it a negative for usability. Very distracting - even more so when there are mixed links in the same area, some of which scroll to another point in the doc, while others load new documents.

These days there are attempts made to distinguish different kinds of links -- those to pages within the same site vs. those to external sites, and those that bring up pages within the current window vs. those that (dog forbid!) open a new window.

If a web designer further distinguished between links that jump within a page vs. those that load a new page, would that obviate your objection?

In other words, is the problem the mixture of link types leading to frustrations of expectation, or is the problem with the local link itself?

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