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I feel it is worth pointing out that not all educational institutions are still teaching table based design. As an educator I feel I am in a great position to make a difference at a 'grass roots' level. Students studying web design at our college (Ultimo TAFE) are exposed to about as much evangelism as they can take! ..............................

It was interesting reading your post James because it seems that TAFEs across the country may vary widely despite courses supposedly being drawn from a national based syllabus and providing national accreditation.

As I mentioned - we work of syllabus documents based on industry developed training packages that are often close to 10 years old. In IT that is an absurd situation. If the individual is working in isolation based on these documents it would be possible (and 'valid' from an assessment point of view) to deliver frames and table-based layout. We typically stretch or reinterpret the outcomes to make them relevant to current industry practice, but for the aforementioned reasons there is no guarantee that each TAFE will deliver the same content - even if you do identical modules.

TAFE is working reasonably hard on the concept of assessment validation - the goal being that every student will be trained to to the same level and assessed to this level regardless of college location. This has been difficult to achieve without using centralised assessments - an expensive and cumbersome approach with many problems of its own, including a real lack of flexibility.

I am sorry to hear that your experience of TAFE was less that optimal, but it is great to hear that they were willing to listen, and that you achieved what you wanted through the course. In many ways this is part of the education process, with your tutor taking on the role of a facilitator for your learning rather than the more classical lecturer/teacher role.
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