Learned friends - hope you can help me.

I am having trouble matching transparent png files to html background
colours. The dodgy test page here: http://www.woowoowoo.com/pngtest/
illustrates the effect.

It's pretty self explanatory, but I want to run a div which matches
the page background and provides a 'band' effect over a background
image for me to run some type through.

I specify the page background to #003366
In photoshop I specify the starting blue of the vignette to #003366
I also create a 20px square of #003366, set the opacity to 50% and
save out a png24 with transparency

Trouble starts in the browser though - the 'transparent' bands are
almost always visible - if not in one browser then another. Now I have
a fair hunch that this is to do with colour profiles, but my trial and
error testing so far has only resulted in confusion and frustration.

I get it almost right in Firefox and IE7 goes crazy or pretty good in
both and Opera and Safari fall off. It's cross browser incompatibility
gone mad! Is it just my browsers? (I doubt it!)

Has anyone got any experience or resources that they can ease my troubles with?

Andrew Harris

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