> Tee G. Peng

> Hmmm, I didn't think about that. My clients asked me how to add  
> *decorative* images by themselves, I asked are they any meaning/ 
> purpose of those images, are they echo to your content, they said no  
> I just wanted my page looks nice in certain area. I told them sorry  
> you can't do that, because if it's decorative purposes I 
> already took  
> care of it in the CSS.

For small/medium sites, it may be possible that you've already catered for all 
decorative situations in your CSS. But if your CMS solution is far more 
generic, and you need to accommodate for a wide variety of content pages, all 
with different decorative needs that may not be known from the start, this may 
not always be the case.

> I guess this is just how one interprets 'decorative' :)

I don't think we're in disagreement here. Just that I'm thinking of far more 
generic CMS deployments on large scale sites.

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