On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 01:46:58 pm marvin hunkin wrote:
> Hi.
> doing a project for my website development course.
> now, part of the requirements says that i need to create a story board to
> represent what content is to be displayed on each page. Now sighted
> students, would draw navigation and story board diagrams. now, had to do
> this in word tables and tried html.
> but my lecturer is still not happy with what i have come up with.
> now, just wondering, is there any software, that might be able to represent
> the story boards for the four websites that i am developing for this
> semester. any tips, tricks, or any other similar experiences.
> let me know, if anyone been in the same position.
> unfortunately the guy who did start to develop an accessible text to speech
> drawing software, got his phd, and did not complete the project and still
> in limbo. he got to the third user tests, and then nicked off.
> he did this at Burkely University in Callifornia and the product was to be
> called Intercommunication Draw 2. okay, can you help out or give
> suggestions or how to resolve these problems? cheers Marvin.
Hi Marvin,

I recommend starting with a liquid layout like either of Thierry Koblentz's 
CSS Layout 6 at http://www.tjkdesign.com/articles/liquid/6.asp or CSS Layout 
8 at http://www.tjkdesign.com/articles/liquid/8.asp.

These block layouts can be printed to display the layout. You should then be 
able to describe the size, colours, content and content position of each 
block as the text on the story boards. This description is what makes a 
storyboard effective, not the story board sketch.

Try creating story boards for each section of the layout:

* Header

There would be a number of story boards for the content, and maybe the 
subsection, but you should only need a single story board for the other 

Hope this helps!


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