hi Marvin
I am trying to understand the task you need help with. Pardon my ignorance on matters relating to the HCI for the poorly sighted. Perhaps you could educate me on this while I try to help.

From what you are saying, it sounds like you are making what I would call wireframes, which is to say a rough description of where the various elements will generally sit on a page, without all of the dressing, like colours, logos, branding, images and without describing the sizes of the text exactly. Is that what you are referring to as storyboards?

The second question might be irrelevant but had you been able to see in the past? I only ask as I understand it is easier to describe visual conepts to those who lost their sight as opposed to those who never had sight in the first place. The former have a memory of what seeing was, making descriptions and analogies easier for the sighted to use as examples.

We use Quark, InDesign and OmniGraffle for these tasks, but I am not sure what would work well for your computer interface. I would have thought that MS Word tables would be useful for this, as would HTML tables, perfect in-fact as you can conceive of, for example a three column layout and describe it well using tables. How is dreamweaver as an interface for you as I understand it is very good at manipulating tables in general. Is that a possible tool?

It would also be helpful if you could tell us what your instructor found lacking, so we could address their concerns directly.

On Oct 10 2007, at 04:46, marvin hunkin wrote:

doing a project for my website development course.
now, part of the requirements says that i need to create a story board to represent what content is to be displayed on each page.
Now sighted students, would draw navigation and story board diagrams.
now, had to do this in word tables and tried html.
but my lecturer is still not happy with what i have come up with.
now, just wondering, is there any software, that might be able to represent the story boards for the four websites that i am developing for this semester.
any tips, tricks, or any other similar experiences.
let me know, if anyone been in the same position.
unfortunately the guy who did start to develop an accessible text to speech drawing software, got his phd, and did not complete the project and still in limbo.
he got to the third user tests, and then nicked off.
he did this at Burkely University in Callifornia and the product was to be called Intercommunication Draw 2. okay, can you help out or give suggestions or how to resolve these problems?
cheers Marvin.

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