On Oct 14, 2007, at 12:14 AM, Donna Jones wrote:

Tee, i just looked more at the http://www.thinkvitamin.com/ site.

yes, i get the scroll bar at 800 wide in IE7 (not standalone). and yes, its because its not chopping off the footer (wouldn't have noticed, probably, though if Kepler hadn't noticed and then you re- mentioned it). In IE6 it doesn't chop off the footer and there is no scroll BUT its broken, the divisions don't line up right (they sorta fall all over the place). In mozilla there is no scroll but the footer is chopped off. so, it seems like out of those three that IE7 is handling it best. In mozilla, using Tidy, it says there are 136! warnings. and , some in particular are missing division endings. also, just noticed at 800 wide in mozilla the divisions overlap in a way that doesn't work well, at all. i think someone needs to take a look at it!

Thanks Donna, thanks for checking.

I am not concerned how thinkvitamin has errors and warnings and text got chopped off because that is beyond my control but the owner of the site. That site is made for wider screen audience but made consideration for 800px screen user (a close to none-existence for its audiences I would say). So my take is they aware of the issue and decided not to bother.

My quest is whether IE 7 has issue with "elastic + fluid' layout, as shown on that two sites and mine.

Anyhow, I found the answer myself. In my layout I have an element with background image, and I have a span class for image replacement.

h3 {url(image.png) no-repeat}
h3 span {position:absolute; text-indent: -3000px}

<h3>heading 3</h3>

Apparently the position:absolute or the text-indent was causing that extra 70px white space in IE 7, thus resulting a horizontal scrollbar. Note that 70px extra is there whether the screen is 800px or 900px. it's just not noticeable with wider screen.

It goes away when I change the absolute to relative, or text-indent: -3000px to 'left: -3000px'


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