Thanks Donna, thanks for checking.

I am not concerned how thinkvitamin has errors and warnings and text got chopped off because that is beyond my control but the owner of the

My quest is whether IE 7 has issue with "elastic + fluid' layout, as shown on that two sites and mine.

hi Tee, yes, i knew you were using vitamin to evaluate the problem, what i should have said was that because of their errors, it didn't seem like you could figure out whether or not IE7 was doing something wrong.

Anyhow, I found the answer myself. In my layout I have an element with background image, and I have a span class for image replacement.

h3 {url(image.png) no-repeat}
h3 span {position:absolute; text-indent: -3000px}

<h3>heading 3</h3>

Apparently the position:absolute or the text-indent was causing that extra 70px white space in IE 7, thus resulting a horizontal scrollbar. Note that 70px extra is there whether the screen is 800px or 900px. it's just not noticeable with wider screen.

It goes away when I change the absolute to relative, or text-indent: -3000px to 'left: -3000px'

cool! i'll try to remember this for when it comes up for me, who knows when.


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