Rick Lecoat wrote:

I'm recreating a table-based site that I did a few years back,
rebuilding it (hopefully) to web standards and making it as accessible
as I can. Currently it's one static page and the links largely don't go
anywhere, but I would appreciate feedback from the list before I proceed
with more pages.


It's really my first stab at a semantic markup, fully-CSS, accessible
site; it's also my first ever attempt at an elastic layout, so be merciful.

Many thanks!

No offense intended.

Always a good idea to do a little /brutal/ power testing (and most of the time, if not all the time, I am not able to live up to my own expectations):

Left column float drop IE6.0 text-size "largest" in "accessibility" mode in IE6.0; and, unusable in IE7.0 text-size "largest" in "accessibility" mode. Header and top-navigation disappear under chrome at min font-size 24 in Firefox/Mac in a short window. Some say "jump links" are not necessary if the primary content is followed by the secondary content, is followed by the navigation...

And so on...




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