On 11/1/07, Andrew Harris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been asked to work on a multilingual website - including rtl scripts.
> I've done bits and pieces before, but always other languages in
> predominantly english websites.
> Although I see the problems as mainly technical, I'm getting vibes
> from others in the team about some mysterious 'cultural sensitivities'
> that we'll have to consider as the audience in this case includes the
> Islamic community. Perhaps foolishly, I had assumed that a sensibly
> designed website, free of pr0n ads and political cartoons, would be
> acceptable in most cultures, but maybe I'm just naive.

One issue is color - some colors are taboo in various cultures and you
want to know about this if the site is going to be marketed to a
global audience. I can't find you many links about this but I did find
this one:

Another issue is graphics... if you've got any stock images of people
like some sites do, you have to think about what certain cultures
might think about how people dress.

Christian Montoya

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